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Tech Repair vs Computer Repair

When you are looking for computer techs, it is easy to confuse “tech” with “pc” repair.  Albeit, you may still find the right pc shop nearby, but it may not be what you need.  There are hundreds of repair stores in Colorado Springs, from television repair to lawn mower repair.  How do you know exactly what tech nearby you may need?


Tech Service

A tech service store will service all types of tech, not just one type.  For example, television repair, game console repair, sound equipment rental, lawn mower repair, and printers (not pcs).  The reason that pc repair is not a part of ‘tech” is because of the certs required to fix computers.  Furthermore, many pc shops nearby do not employ certified computer techs, and this is a huge mistake. Would you prefer a doctor with a medical license or one without it?  This is the same principle behind hiring certified computer techs vs “regular” techs.


PC Repair

Computer services cover a much broader area than tech service, but only to the extent involving computers.  Although there are many pc topics that fall under pc repair, only a few require certified pc techs.  Surprisingly, there are very few of the best pc shops nearby, who also employ Microsoft Certified Technicians.  Personally, I tend to favor local “mom and pop” shops nearby, like DML Computer Repair on Wahsatch Ave.


A Note To Other Small Shops

DML Computer Repair believes in giving better opportunities for local small shops.  If you are a local small business and would like to be considered for a backlink in Albuquerque, please email us.  Provide your website name and a brief description of your services.  We are always happy to help promote small businesses nearby.



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