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Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Services in Colorado Springs

DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs provides computer hard drive recovery services to the entire region. We can recover data from Windows and Mac computers as well as servers even if the computer will not boot or the hard drive has been formatted.

Hard drive data recovery services include diagnostics, data extraction from damaged hard drives, and reinstallation of your recovered data onto a new hard drive.  In addition, we provide hard drive data recovery on almost any make, model, brand or operating system. We have experience with all types of data loss.

Our computer repair technicians have extensive hard drive data recovery experience with Dell, HP, MSI, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Gateway, Acer, Apple, Alienware, ASUS and many more.  Furthermore, we provide fast, high-quality hard drive recovery for all brands and models of computers and servers.   

Data Recovery Services Near Me

Have you ever searched for “data recovery services near me” or “computer hard drive recovery near me” in a search engine?  If the answer is yes, then you have no doubt seen all the ads for data recovery free and tons of other potentially malicious software.  Don’t be fooled by these fake data recovery experts!  In fact, It is dangerous to download so-called free software.  Leave it to the real professionals to help you get your computer data recovery Colorado Springs.  In other words, it is best to find a good computer shop that performs data recovery near me.  Furthermore, any of these programs can add viruses to your computer, under the guise of recovering files.  These are not practices of the best data recovery services near me.

DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs

Even the “legitimate” programs are for personal use and rarely recover what you intend to.  In addition, these programs can be limited to a simple deletion of 1 file, not an entire system.  They also don’t recover programs or data loss due to failing drives or updates gone wrong.  At DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs, we see it all the time, a software that promised to deliver “all data deleted” but instead it recovered a small amount and then saved it back to the original device.  When you recover data, you should never ever save it on the original device.  In fact, this can cause your original missing data to be overwritten and become “fragmented” or incomplete.  In other words, computer hard drive recovery is a delicate procedure.  If you need the best hard drive recovery, then contact the computer technicians at DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs.

Local Data Recovery Services

We are a local data recovery services Colorado Springs, but what does this mean for you? This means that in 90% of cases we can perform an external hard drive file recovery in our shop.  If you need a computer hard drive recovery Colorado Spring, then DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs is your top choice.  Typically, a data recovery from a damaged hard drive needs to be sent to a company in the hope that it can be repaired.  Unfortunately, not all data recovery shops are able to perform this repair, such as the click of death.  Even less shops collaborate with another business that has a clean room to perform the repair.  At DML, we believe that each data recovery Colorado Springs company should work with others for our clients.  For that reason, we are the leader in data recovery services in Colorado Springs.

The Best Data Recovery Services

It’s no secret that we have the best data recovery services in Colorado Springs, we are the data recovery centre of choice.  Period.  We perform the largest variety of all data recovery and all file recovery in our local shop.  Everything from damaged flash drive repair, raid rebuilding, corrupt hard drive recovery, NAS data retrieval, and data recovery hp.  These examples are the least common and rarely need attention.  For the most part, we perform external hard drive recovery, corrupt hard drive, computer data recovery and crash hard drive recovery.  If you are looking for the very best, you found them!  Come by and talk to a data recovery expert today to get your free quote.  If we don’t recover your data, you don’t pay for it.

Hard Drive Recovery Services We Provide

Below are examples of hard drive data recovery services.  We can fix almost any hard drive recovery problem!

Mechanical Failure
Motor Failure
Partial Data Loss
Clicking or Grinding Noises
Data Degradation (old media)
Hacking & Viruses
Head Crash
Accidental Data Deletion
Accidental Reformatting
Electrical Surges


Physical Damage
Logical Failure
Water Damage
Corrupted Hard Drives
SSD, RAID, NAS Recovery
Fire Damage

Hard Drive Recovery FAQs

What is data recovery and when are data recovery services Colorado Springs needed?

Data recovery refers to a data storage device that no longer has accessible data to the user.  This situation typically refers to computer hard drive recovery, but other devices can also require such services.  For example, USB drives or thumb drives can malfunction and require file recovery.  When the user is not able to retrieve their data from a device, data recovery services are needed.    Furthermore, there are many reasons for data to become inaccessible such as a broken external hard drive, crash hard drive, corrupt hard drive or simply a broken computer.  In the worst cases, a broken flash drive needs repair, clicking hard drive needs to be fixed, or a broken external hard drive is a total loss.  Call the reliable PC technicians at DML Computer Repair Colorado Springs for the best data recovery services near me.

What options do I have for data recovery services near me? I would like to find the best computer hard drive recovery services.

Legitimate local data recovery near me is extremely difficult to find in our area. 

This is mainly because many companies purchase cheap software online and this is their primary source of file recovery.  Sadly, this leaves you with missing files, corrupt files, or incomplete data recoveries.  Did I mention that their services are non-refundable?  At DML we give you the opportunity to verify your data before payment is accepted.  If we don’t recover your data, then you don’t pay us.  To clarify, if you decline the data recovery services, your original device is returned to you and the data is destroyed.

 The best way to find a data expert is to ask around, most local computer shops know who the most reliable company is. 

Even if you need to call 100 shops, most of them will have similar recommendations.  You can also search for external hard drive recovery near me on google and get a list to research.  You are looking for a company that has a good reputation in the field among other shops and has acceptable reviews.  Always read the reviews, especially the negative ones, they can often tell you more than 100 positive reviews.  Once you get yourself a good list of 3-5 shops, call them, visit them and request quotes.  Remember, when it comes to your precious data, cheap data recovery services are not better.

There are many data recovery services near me claiming to be the best data recovery services in Colorado Springs, but how can I confirm this?

Unfortunately, there is no reputable website with a list of the best card recovery, the best hard drive data recovery, or the best USB data recovery companies.  Many of the lists that you find online are actually paid for by the businesses on the list.  Equally important is the fact that there are as many legitimate businesses as there are illegitimate.  Never purchase data services on the internet or from an individual person.  The first thing to remember is that your data is irreplaceable and sensitive.  In other words, if somebody were to accidentally delete your data, rather than recover you may have a larger problem on your hands.  Your data may actually be unrecoverable if an advanced data deletion is performed. Furthermore, it is sensitive information, and you certainly don’t want someone selling your information on the black market.  Yes, this happens, and it happens frequently, protect yourself to avoid becoming the next victim.  In most cases, you would never know that your data has been sold, until it is too late. Consequently, I recommend thoroughly researching each data recovery Colorado Springs company before conducting business with them.  In addition, this research can be in the form of a phone call, a visit, or calling local computer repair shops to ask them.  It could also be a combination of all the recommendations listed previously.  In other words, don’t settle for any computer repair business for you computer hard drive recovery Colorado Springs.

Do you perform apple data recovery? I need an apple MacBook data recovery.

There are not many places in town that actually perform apple computer data recovery.  Many Apple computers require special hard drive recovery equipment for file recovery.  At DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs we can recover from most Apple computers and in many cases even from MacBook.  Some Apple laptops have specialized hard drives that require a very specific piece of equipment, which we do not possess. In this case, we would need to open the laptop and verify the type of hard drive before providing an estimate.  This is a simple procedure, but requires an Apple certified tech, which means that it could take up to 24 hours to simply verify the hard drive.  Please be sure to ask the data expert if you can expect a delay in diagnosis.

What makes DML a superior choice for file recovery?

DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs is certainly not the only choice for hard drive recovery, but it is the best.  DML Computer Repair uses the latest commercial software, specifically designed to get all your data back.  We don’t take shortcuts when it comes to those precious moments captured on camera or that important document for work.  This awesome computer repair shop near me also has the latest data recovery hardware, for the most stubborn data retrievals.  Even with all this, in the unlikely event that we are unable to recover, we find you company that can.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  Service guaranteed.  As a bonus, we also give priority to students and computers used for business, since your need can be more urgent.  All you need to do to get this free priority service, is tell the data expert that the device is for school or work.

Do you perform data recovery for windows?

Windows recovery is one of the most common, and least expensive forms of hard drive recovery.  Sometimes there is a corruption in Windows 10 or an update in Windows 11 that went badly.  In most cases we can recover the data structure and reinstall the operating system.  In other cases, we can make a copy of the entire system and files (just as they were originally).  If there is a hardware problem, we may be unable to reinstall the system, but file recovery is still possible.  At this point you would be offered a hardware repair to completely recover windows and the data.

What Should I Do If My Hard Drive Quits Working

Stop using the computer immediately. Turn off the computer and bring it to our shop specializing in Computer Repair in Colorado Springs for a free diagnostic.

What are the signs and symptoms of a hard drive crash?

1. Slow computer
2. Freezing of computer
3. Clicking sounds (turn off the computer immediately)
4. Computer stuck in a loop
5. Windows error messages are displayed after a black screen at the beginning of startup

Can I used the Windows CHKDSK utility to recover data?

You need to use CHKDSK with caution. The improper use of CHKDSK can do more harm than good. In some cases using CHKDSK can permanently destroy data that may have been recoverable. We recommend you bring your computer in for a free diagnostic before attempting to us CHKDSK.

My hard drive is working but I can't access some of my data. What should I do?

If your hard drive appears to be working and you can access some but not all of your data, then your computer is experiencing a logical failure. This could be due to a lost partition of the drive.  Turn off your computer immediately and bring it to our computer repair shop in Colorado Springs for a free diagnosis.

I've suffered a Ransomeware attack, what should I do?

Stay calm. Some Ransomware can encrypt your hard drive so you can’t access your data? We understand your anger and frustration. Bring your computer to our office and our computer virus/malware removal and repair experts will work with you to recover your precious data as quickly as possible

Does Do-It-Yourself data recovery software work?

It depends on the nature of the hard drive failure. If your hard drive has become corrupted, data recovery software can sometimes find fragmented parts of your data on the hard drive and rebuild your files. However, the use of data recovery software always carries significant risk. Unless you have some serious geek skills we recommend you bring your hard drive in for a free diagnostic so an expert can assess the nature of the hard drive failure.

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