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Building A Computer

Everything you need to know about building PCs

Anyone who has ever embarked on the journey of building a computer knows that it is very difficult to get help with computer building.  As a matter of fact, the first instinct is to try and find gaming PC repair shops that can assist.  Unfortunately, all shops that specialize in gaming computer repair near me do not understand the dilemmas of building pcs.  In other words, gaming computer repair near me is not the same as building pcs.  As a result, they charge outrageous fees to assist the person who is struggling in building a computer for gaming. Basically, a simple computer problem is charged as a major PC gaming repair. 

There are 3 major components that make DML the best gaming computer repair in Colorado Springs.  First, and most importantly, we understand that a computer that “looks” cool, doesn’t always make the best gaming pcs.  Second, our computer builders are specially trained to purchase parts that work best together.  For example, DDR3 RAM with NVIDIA RTX cards are known to cause performance issues when placed in the same computer.  Finally, our computer builders tailor each computer to the gaming needs of each person.  In other words, a person who plays Call of Duty needs a different pc than someone who plays Minecraft.

Gamer Computer
PC Builder

The cool computer vs the functional computer

As an avid gamer and computer builder, I have seen some of the coolest gaming computers ever built.  As a matter of fact, there are gaming computers that blow bubbles and those that have fish tanks inside.  The biggest issue with such “cool” gaming pcs is that functionality is often compromised to make them look better.  DML computer technicians understand that machines should be beautiful, but not at the expense of functionality.  Consequently, we guarantee to build you a beautiful machine, without compromising performance. 

 Compatibility, compatibility, compatibility!

The biggest mistakes made by gaming computer repair shops who try to build computers is the compatibility of parts. One of the most common mistakes that DML Technicians FIX for other gaming PC shops is compatibility.  For example, a shop decides to start building computers and uses a custompcbuilder website to assist with choosing parts.   Unfortunately, about 80% of the parts recommended by websites that assist in computer building do not work well together.  At DML, our experienced pc techs are trained to choose components based on their own personal experience and knowledge.  As a result, you will never hear, “the website was wrong, it told me these parts were compatible”.

 The problem with pre-built computers

We have all walked into Best Buy and seen a plethora of gorgeous gaming pcs.  There is no doubt that they have fantastic prices, and the specifications are fantastic for the price.  However, those computers are built for the “average” gamer, not for YOU and your needs.  If you are an avid gamer and a youtuber, these machines are not for you, your needs are different.  As a matter of fact, these computers will crash within months and will underperform for you.  For that reason, DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs builds computers specifically tailored to your lifestyle and performance needs.  Equally important, we want the computer we build for you to last years, not months.  Additionally, our average custom-built computers last approximately 15 years, rarely needing maintenance and upgrades.

Looking for the best gaming computer repairs & services in Colorado Springs?

DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs, loves building computers for gaming customized to your dreams.  Even less surprising, is that we truly enjoy providing gaming computer services to our fellow gamers in the Colorado Sprrings gaming community.  DML gaming technicians are obsessed with squeezing every ounce of performance out of your computer. Anyone can slap a gaming computer together by attaching parts; but we unlock maximum performance, quality, and affordability.  If you are looking for experienced gaming computer builders, we are your team!  Share, stream, game, work, multitask seamlessly no matter what computer game you choose.   DML gaming computer builds deliver fiery frame rates and personalization you won’t find elsewhere.  We love the computer gaming community and our passion is built into every custom gaming PC that we assemble.  Our custom gaming build service includes the latest gaming technology, highest quality components and backed by warranties. Not to mention, our own personal experience and touch!

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Build a Computer in Colorado Springs

Did you already build your own gaming PC?  Need gaming comp repair near me?

No problem!  DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs is the best gaming and computer repairs & services in Colorado Springs.  While many gaming pc repair shops only fix PCs, we are also a custompcbuilder.  Basically, we are the best at building pcs, which gives us the experience to also be the best gaming computer repair shop.

Benefits of Building A Computer @ DML

Stress Testing
Expert Advice
eSports Ready
Liquid Cooled
High Frame Rates
State of the Art Components

RGB Case Lighting

Build to Your Budget
Play at 4K or in VR
Entry-level to Expert Gamers
Extra Case Fans

Building A Computer FAQs

What gaming computer repair services do you offer?

DML Computer Repair techs offer a variety of gaming computer services.  We specialize in building PCs, gaming pc repairs, CPU repairs, and help with computer when you are building a computer.  We also perform virus removal, soldering on gaming PCs and computer tune up near me. Additionally, we are the best gaming computer repair in Colorado Springs!

What is the cost for computer building from DML Computer Repair?

Whether you want a basic gaming computer or a state-of-the-art computer, we are the best at building computers Colorado Springs.  Basic computers, such as those for Zynga games or Facebook games are approximately $600.  In contrast, state of the art computers can cost as much as $5,000 for a base model.  Presently, graphic card and CPU prices are at an all-time high, which contributes to the high cost of these PCs.  On average, most people pay approximately $2,300 for a computer that plays almost any game currently on the market.  Call DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs for your free custom computer quote.

I am building a computer that plays Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, but I have game lag and frequent FPS drops. would this problem be solved, If I had DML building a computer for me?

Our experienced computer specialists can build a computer that fits any need.  With that said, yes, we can build you a computer that plays your games.  World of Warcraft does not have major game requirements; however, Call of Duty needs very specific hardware to run smoothly.  I would recommend calling our Gaming Technician Dominic to make sure that we meet your needs with this build.  As a matter of fact, he specializes in FPS drop and game lag, as they relate to custom builds.  I would also recommend bringing the computer you built to Dominic, he can recommend a modification that solves any problem.  Call, text or email him at DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs.

I used an online custompcbuilder website to choose the parts for building a computer. Do you have any advice for me?

80% of the parts that are recommended by online websites are not typically compatible.  For this reason, I would recommend researching the parts individually to ensure compatibility.  This is a common mistake made by gaming computer repair near me, and the main reason computer builds malfunction.

Do all PC shops who perform gaming computer repair near me use websites to put together the parts for a computer?

yes, all gaming pc repair shops who build a computer, use websites to choose parts for building a computer.  Unfortunately, this is simply the way things are done and this compromises the quality of the gaming pc.  More often than not, our technicians fix the errors made by other gaming pc repair shops, during building. This is just one of the many reasons we are the best gaming computer repair services in Colorado Springs.

Can a shop that specializes in “gaming computer repair” near me build me a computer?

Yes, any gaming computer repair shop near me can build a computer, in theory.  With that said, I would not recommend hiring a company that specializes in pc repairs, not in building pcs.  They are not familiar with compatibility issues or personalizing a computer’s hardware to meet your specific needs.  In other words, they will build a computer that is built for “gaming”, not for the specific games you play.  This would be similar to buying a computer at Best Buy, built for gaming, not tailored to your needs.  As a matter of fact, I frequently fix them, explaining why the computer crashed after just a few months.  If you buy a computer from a big box store, then expect performance issues.  Additionally, the only way to ensure perfect performance is to hire someone who specializes in building pcs.   Although the process can be quite long, it is worth the extra money, time and effort involved in building a computer.

Are your custom built gaming computers cheaper than prebuilt gaming computers sold online?

Yes, we can compete with the price of those “other guys” selling prebuilt gaming computers online.  However, the problem with prebuilt gaming PCs is that the builders don’t always use the best hardware.  For example, those selling prebuilt gaming PCs will  give you a really strong CPU but sneak in a low-quality graphics card.  Fortunately, this is not a practice that DML computer repair techs possess. This can wreck a potentially decent computer build, especially when you want maximum performance for gaming!  Visit our pc builders at DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs today and get a free quote for your next gaming computer.

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