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Reopening DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs

As it occurs with most computer repair shops in Colorado Springs, post-COVID, DML was in danger of closing.  “We closed for 2 weeks due to a lack of business and technicians”, says DML Owner.  It’s a sad reality that even the best computer repair shops in Colorado Springs are going out of business or struggling to stay open.  Furthermore, the current economy is a terrible reality for local small businesses in Colorado Springs.  It’s not surprising that small mom and pop computer repair shops are closing on a daily basis.  In fact, Colorado Springs saw 11 small computer repair business close in 2022.


Will DML Computer Repair stay open?

DML Computer Repair Owner has no intentions of closing her business.  She proudly stated “I will stand on the street and advertise our awesome services if I have to, but we are not closing again”.  Recently the little business had a financial scare that may have closed their doors permanently.  “It looked like we were sinking and may not survive the post-COVID economy”, said DML Owner this weekend.  Fortunately, the computer repair company was able to recover quickly and reopened their doors on February 1st.  The little computer repair shop is permanently open again and doing better than ever.  According to DML Owner, they “will not be closing their doors ever again, the community desperately needs small business like ours to thrive”.


Best computer repair shop near me

DML is still the best repair shop in Colorado Springs, with excellently trained technicians.   DML Computer Repair is still providing the best customer service and PC repairs in Colorado Springs.  Call or text today for your free computer diagnostics.


A note from the Owner

I would like to thank the entire Colorado Springs area for your continued support.  DML Computer Repair is a great company because of your support.  I especially want to thank the clients who called us during the 2 week period that we were closed.  It meant a lot to me to hear the requests for service and the encouragement to reopen our doors.  With the community’s continued support, we will never need to close our doors again.  I love you Colorado Springs!



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