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Have you ever wondered about computer recycling?  Did you know that you can take your electronics to a local recycling center, instead of throwing them away?  Recycling isn’t just a way to “save the planet from an overabundance of trash”.  It’s also the best way to do something good with your old electronics.

When you are ready to recycle an old computer, phone, or device contact a local computer recycling shop.  DML Computer Repair is the most popular recycling center in Colorado Springs because of their “environmentally friendly” disposal methods.   Most computers that are recycled at this computer store, are refurbished for DML‘s “hardship program”. This program allows students and struggling small businesses to pay little to nothing for a perfectly good computer. It’s a fantastic way to help out the less fortunate, especially at a time when computers are necessary for school and work.

“We don’t waste a single part” says DML owner, “everything that is recycled through our shop serves a purpose “.  I recently learned that DML’s Master Computer Technician David, creates lamps from broken laptop screens, recycles unusable metals from old boards.  He also performs minor services at no charge (for clients in the Hardship program).

If you are looking to recycle old laptops or old computer parts, I would highly recommend taking your old electronics to DML. This is a local, family-owned small business, with a big heart.  Donate and recycle for a good cause!