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Why can’t I find PC gaming repair near me?

The reason that PC gaming computers are rarely sold, is because there aren’t many companies who fix them.  This is due to a variety of reasons.  First and foremost, is the fact that many gaming laptops are extremely complicated to open for diagnostic and pc repairs.  Even gaming desktops have parts that are expensive to repair and keep in stock.  Second, gaming laptops and desktops require a very precise knowledge of their innerworkings.  Furthermore, his knowledge is rare and experience in this field is typically by trial and error.  In other words, a “regular” computer tech can open your Alienware, but can they do it without causing further damage?  The answer is almost always “no”, they can’t do it without causing further damage.


How do I find the best PC gaming repair in Colorado Springs?

Our gaming experts have developed this list of tips to help you find the best PC gaming repair.  These are the best tips to follow when looking for a PC gaming repair business.


Tip #1 What Services are you looking for?

PC gaming computers can have a variety of issues.  The first thing you want to ask yourself is, “how complicated are the pc repair services that I need”?  For example, if you are putting the computer together yourself, it is likely that you will need a top expert in the field.  Additionally, someone who can trace your work and find any mistakes in the wiring or configurations.  Less than 1% of technicians can perform this work, except for techs who specialize in building pcs.  In fact, Master Computer Technicians, such as David Baker at DML, can also perform these complicated services.


Tip #2 Know the Services that the PC Repair Gaming Company Offers: 

One of the largest mistakes that you can make as a gaming computer owner is to make assumptions.  With this in mind, always verify that the computer fixing shop can perform the specific service that you need.  For example, if you are looking to upgrade your gaming laptop hard drive, which is likely an NVMe, ask questions.  Is your new ASUS lap top screen broken?  As a matter of fact, this requires a very specific lap top screen repair skill; inform yourself before hiring any computer tech.  Verify ahead of time, that the PC Shop can acquire this type of drive at a reasonable price.  


Tip #3 Don’t be Afraid to Drive for Good Computer Fixing Stores Near Me: 

If you live outside of Colorado Springs like I do, don’t be afraid to travel for gaming computer services.  It’s best to get your gaming laptop or desktop fixed correctly, inexpensively, and efficiently the first time.


What is the cost for PC gaming repair near me?  How long can I expect a PC gaming repair to take?

The cost for gaming pc repairs depends entirely on the level of difficulty of the repair itself and the parts needed.  The best gaming PC repairs in Colorado Springs will have a similar price list.  I would be very skeptical if a company charged less since this typically means that they “cut corners” in their pc repairs.  Companies who cut corners, can often cause a simple $100 custom build repair to become 4 times more expensive.  Make sure that you don’t visit just any pc shop especially for gaming laptop repairs and building a computer yourself.  Find a reputable company with professional equipment, certified computer techs and pc technicians with at least 5 years experience.  Visit the good folks at DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs for the best gaming PC repair.


Type of Repair Description Cost Time it Takes to Complete
Simple Gaming PC Repair Refers only to Desktops.  By definition, gaming laptops re not simple gaming pc repairs.  This is a simple repair that requires minimal knowledge and experience.  This service would also include basic upgrades. $100-$200 1-24 hours
Medium-Difficulty PC Repair Refers to laptops and desktops.  This is a repair that requires knowledge of laptop hardware and desktop gaming upgrades. $100-$500 1-45 days
Advanced PC Repairs or Complicated Upgrades Requires Special Equipment & Technical Expertise.  Only a Master Technician or expert in building PCs can perform these. $500-$5,000 10-60 days



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