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With so much emphasis on collaboration software in the past year, it’s no wonder that many Colorado Springs residents are searching for Microsoft Teams tips. In fact, Microsoft Teams is a fast-growing app, adding 95 million users in 2020 alone! Whether you’re new to this video meeting app or have been using it for a while, these helpful Microsoft Teams tips will help. 

1. Chats Should Be Labeled

This might seem like a very obvious tip, but it is also one of the most useful Microsoft Teams tips on our list.

To keep better track of your conversations, label your chats within Teams. For example, let’s say you communicate with various departments about a single marketing project. By creating one label called, perhaps, “Marketing Google Ads Campaign October 2021,” and marking related conversations with this label, searching for all chats within this topic becomes as easy as a few keystrokes. To label your chat, just click on the pencil icon and type in the title.

2. Get Notifications for New Google Drive or One Drive Files

A hard drive failure can be catastrophic, especially if your data is only saved locally. Do yourself a favor and sync your files to Google Drive so you always have a backup. Another benefit to utilizing Google Drive is that you can drag and drop files into the drive, and so can your coworkers and even contractors. Tell Google who you want to have access, and the level of access they have permission for, and you ensure you always have a backup.  Similarly, you can use Microsoft One Drive to keep a viable back up of your files online, at all times.

And once you have this syncing procedure in place, let Microsoft Teams shine! Set up an alert in Microsoft Teams to let you know when a new file has been uploaded or a previously existing file has been updated.  Say goodbye to continuously refreshing your browser to see if the work’s been finished!

3. Sync Calendars

If you have a Google calendar (you probably do, as there were over 500 million installs for this app in 2018), try syncing it with the Microsoft Teams calendar. This ensures that everything’s as up-to-date and as accurate as possible.

The best part? Once you’ve synced your Google and Microsoft Team calendars, you can create events in either one and the other will update with it, definitely handy for managing keeping that work-life balance!

4. Forward Emails Into Teams Channels

Are you tired of clicking around to find information from an email, then copy/pasting it into Teams? Well, we’re here with probably one of the most useful tips for Microsoft Teams! Link your email address to your Microsoft Teams channel so you can easily import any files you want.

At the top of your Microsoft Teams window, click on the ellipsis. Then, click on “Get email address.” After you’ve entered your email and other credentials and the set-up is complete, you can then easily forward items from that email address to the channel.

Try Out These Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks

COVID-19 forever changed the way Colorado Springs PC Repair businesses operate. From video calls to chats, collaboration software is now the new normal, and if you don’t know the apps inside and out, you will be left behind. With these Microsoft Teams tips and tricks under your belt, you can navigate the app like a pro. By making more efficient use of your time, you’ll be able to accomplish work tasks in record time. 

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