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There are few tech problems as frustrating to Colorado Springs computer owners as trying to fix a Windows PC that won’t turn on, especially when it is the primary device you use when working from home. Hopefully, you have a backup device you can use. But what if you don’t? How can you troubleshoot your computer when it won’t even turn on?

Lucky for you, you’re about to find out. The following guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to fix a Windows PC or laptop that won’t boot up.

First, we’ll teach you how to check the computer for problems on your own. Then, you will learn when you should bring the PC to a local computer repair shop for diagnosis and repair. Read on to discover the solution to this very annoying predicament.

1. Think Back

The first step to fixing your Windows PC is to think back over the last few weeks of using this computer. Has it displayed any problems recently?

For instance, has the battery life been getting shorter? If so, you probably need to replace the battery and/or power cord.

Has it been randomly shutting off, opening apps you didn’t want open or displaying any other weird behaviors? These issues may be due to a faulty battery. But they could be due to a faulty app, a virus, or malware.

Regardless, this information is helpful for troubleshooting. So think about any recent issues and write them down on a notepad for reference.

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2. Press The Power Button And Observe

Sometimes, the device only looks dead. Plugin the device, press the power button and observe. Does it do anything at all?

For example, you may hear a beep or see some sort of indicator light flashing. Because of this, you should test the machine in a dark, quiet room.

Beeping and indicator lights are most likely explained by the PC’s user manual. If you don’t have the user manual that came with your device, you can find it online to look up what these signs mean.

On the other hand, do you hear the computer’s fan running and the other noises your desktop or laptop computer normally makes when booting up? If so, the problem likely lies with the monitor. In this case, replacing the monitor or having a computer repair shop repair the screen is an easy fix.

3. Replace The Power Supply

If you suspect that a faulty power supply is to blame, replace the battery pack, charger, and power cord. Once these are hooked up, try again to turn on the device. Remember that laptop batteries will require some time to charge before powering up.

fix a windows pc - remove the harddrive

4. Detach and Reattach Hardware

Remove all unnecessary peripherals for now. Try starting the computer without these additional devices attached.  If it does startup then try re-attaching each peripheral one at a time to see if you can determine the peripheral causing the problem.

5. Get Help

If the above steps do not fix your Windows PC you may need to get professional help. In Albuquerque, contact us to schedule a free PC diagnostic.  Bring your troubleshooting notes with you please!

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