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Are you looking to buy a laptop or desktop? Are you looking for a computer that is inexpensive to repair?  Here is a list to help you, with the top 10 computers that are in expensive to repair and/or upgrade in 2022.

The following computers are not listed in any particular order.  I also assume that you are purchasing the non-touchscreen (least expensive) version of the laptops listed.

  • Dell OptiPlex desktops
  • HP Envy Desktops
  • Dell Latitude Desktops
  • MacBook Pro 2010-2012
  • HP Envy Laptops 2020 & older
  • Gateway Laptops
  • Acer Laptops (2018 or older)
  • Toshiba Laptops (2018 or older)
  • Samsung Laptops (2018 or older)
  • Desktop computers (2018 or older)

Older computers are easiest to fix, parts are typically less expensive, and these PC repairs require the least amount of technical expertise, which means that the overall computer repair will be less expensive.  There is also an overabundance of computer service technicians certified in these “easier-to-fix” computers, which also contributes to a cheaper computer repair.  The newer, and more complicated the technology, the harder it will be to find a computer service tech to fix it.

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