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A Word About Finding the Best Antivirus Removal Software

The fact is that some Antiviruses act in a malicious way; they require special software to remove.  For example, Norton has a “Norton Removal Tool”, as does AVG (AVG Clear).  Although these are the most common removal tools, there are some antiviruses that can’t be removed.   If you have “Windows Security”, previously “Windows Defender”, then this antivirus is built into the Windows operating system.  In other words, it can’t be removed without damaging the operating system.  Furthermore, Windows Security (previously Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials”) is one of the oldest and best antiviruses.  Why?  The answer is simple; it has the largest virus database; no need to spend money on paid antiviruses.


Malware Removal

The best malware removal software, hands down, is Malwarebytes.  Albeit DML Computer Repair does not recommend the paid version; however, the free version is just as fantastic.  Although the paid version has some great features, it can cause unnecessary computer resource usage.  In fact, according to testing, leaving Malwarebytes running in the background, a PC could lose half its usage life.  In other words, get the free version and run the program when your computer has been infected.


Adware Removal

Being that ads are everywhere on the internet, it’s hard to tell when you have adware.  As soon as you open a browser, every website wants to advertise to you, and sometimes this gets annoying.  Furthermore, there are “natural” ads that can’t be avoided; however, some of them can be.  First, you want to install a good ad blocker; I use “AdBlock Plus”, which is a donation-based software.  It will block most of the unwanted “pop-up” ads on your browser.  Second you want to check the extensions on your browser; make sure that these aren’t causing your pop-ups.  Finally, uninstall any programs that may be causing persistent pop-ups; I like to use Revo Uninstaller for this final task.  All in all, it can be easy to prevent adware, simply browse safely and only visit secure websites that you trust.  In addition, run regular scans of Malwarebytes, which also removes adware.


Spyware Removal

As mentioned previously, Malwarebytes is considered the best malware and adware removal tool.  However, it is also one of the best spyware removal programs in this day and age.  In fact, this wonderful program is the only one you’ll ever need to remove malware, adware and spyware from your computer.


Suspect that you have the Apple Virus?

The Apple Virus is not truly a virus, it is an Apple computer that is infected with malicious software.  At the present time, DML Computer Technicians in Colorado Springs, are also Apple Certified Technicians that can remove the Apple Virus.  Furthermore, the cost for removal is up to $100, depending on the severity of the infection.


Computer Virus Removal Services in Colorado Springs

DML Computer Repair has the best computer virus removal services in Colorado Springs.  Our technicians work around the clock, are dedicated, experienced, and are Microsoft & Apple Certified.  Compared to other PC Repair Shops, DML is considered the best at malware removal, adware removal, spyware removal and virus removal.


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