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Computer Repair Businesses in Colorado Springs

There are dozens of computer repair shops in Colorado Springs.  Anywhere from small mom and pop shops to larger Franchise computer stores.  It’s no surprise that it can sometimes be difficult to find the right computer repair shop, that offers the services you need.


What services do computer repair shops near me offer?

Although each computer repair shop is different, you can expect similar services at each shop.  In most cases, you will need to call local computer shops to find the right computer services to meet your needs.

The following list of services are offered by 75% of computer repair shops near me:

  1. Computer Diagnostic for laptops and desktops (some PC shops charge for this service)
  2. Laptop Battery Replacement
  3. Laptop Screen Replacement
  4. Hard Drive Replacement
  5. Operating System Repairs
  6. Motherboard Replacements
  7. Basic Data Recovery (such as Data Transfers)
  8. Basic Network Issues (such as wi-fi malfunctions)
  9. Virus Removal and Malware Scans / Removal


What services are not offered at computer repair shops near me?

Most computer repair shops near me offer a wide variety of services.  Unfortunately, these computer services can be limited by the experience of the computer technicians.  In fact, most PC techs can perform basic services, but lack knowledge in soldering, PC building, and advanced data recovery.  In other words, if you are looking for a computer repair company that performs ALL computer services, you may not find it.

The following computer services are not commonly offered by computer repair shops near me:

DC Jack Repair:  This repair typically requires soldering.  As a matter of fact, most computer geeks will replace the entire motherboard (for $500), rather than replace this small ($80) piece.

Computer Building:  PC building is an art that requires extensive knowledge of how various computer components work together.  DML Computer Repair is one of the only computer stores that builds computers based solely on a client’s needs.  Furthermore, DML PC technicians never use online compatibility lists to create a gaming computer.  After all, these compatibility lists can do more harm than good.  In fact, it is commonly known that these lists often contain errors that could be detrimental to the building of computers.

Case Modifications:  This term refers to the modification of any exterior laptop or desktop case.  For example, broken power buttons, broken laptop hinges, and other broken cosmetic computer pieces might require a case modification.  In many cases, this requires extensive knowledge of the structural capability of laptop cases and desktop cases.  DML Computer Technicians have spent over a decade studying the art of case modification, in the interest of saving computers that would otherwise be condemned.


How are DML Computer Repair services different from other shops?

For starters, DML offers DC jack repairs, case modifications and personalized computer building. All in all, DML Computer Techs offer more services than 90% of all other computer repair shops near me.


Where can I find the best computer services near me?

I would recommend looking at the list of 35 computer repair blogs and websites to get a good idea of a PC shop’s knowledge.  Typically, companies that make this list, are extremely knowledgeable and stay up to date with the latest technological advances.  I would highly recommend using this list as a good reference for knowledgeable computer repair shops near me.



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