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Sadly, many things can go wrong with a personal computer. But that doesn’t mean they have to stay broken. Skilled computer repair shops in Colorado Springs can tackle a variety of problems. This post goes over the top 10 PC and laptop problems we see most often.

Broken Screens

Whether your laptop LED screen is totally black or simply cracked, a broken laptop screen can likely be repaired or replaced. However, you need to make sure the screen is actually damaged. Sometimes, other problems could lead to screen issues, as pointed out by PC Mag.


Slow load times, frequent crashes, and intrusive pop-up ads are all signs your computer may have a virus—software acting in a malicious manner. Viruses come in many forms with varying levels of difficulty for removal. Some minor viruses may be able to be removed on your own but to be sure they are gone (especially with particularly nasty ones) a specialist may be required.

The Computer Won’t Start

Sometimes, a personal computer or laptop just won’t power up. This frustrating and frightening computer issue could be caused by a problem with the power supply, internal components, or other more complicated issues. Don’t panic when that power light won’t come on. Trained PC and laptop repair agents in New Mexico often are able to fix the problem.

The Computer Won’t Boot

Another common situation: The computer turns on, but it won’t boot, leaving it useless. As explained on Intel’s website, potential sources of this problem include external storage issues, peripheral items, or the BIOS program (which governs your computer’s startup operations).

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Hard Drive Recovery Needed

Hard drive recoveries are another main reason locals visit computer repair shops in Colorado Springs. The PC hard drive restoration process involves diagnosing what went wrong, then recovering the data and migrating it to a new hard drive. But be wary of the do-it-yourself info you’ll find out there. One improper step and you could ruin your hard drive beyond repair.

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Keyboard Problems with Laptops

Though perhaps not as severe-seeming as other problems on this list, keyboard issues can make using a laptop a hassle nonetheless. Typing difficulty is why many people seek out a laptop repair shop when loose, sticky, or missing keys make use of the computer frustrating or even impossible.

Software Issues

When a computer’s software starts acting up, it can cause issues such as freezing and slow performance. Sometimes the issue can be solved with a simple update, but other cases may require a more involved response.

The Computer Freezes

Software issues are just one of the factors that can freeze a personal computer up. Others include overheating, memory issues, power supply failures, and faulty hardware. Restarting may help, but if the problem persists, repairs could be necessary.

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The Blue Screen of Death

The blue screen of death signals a potentially dramatic problem with a computer. As explained on Lifewire, viruses, hardware issues, a lack of memory space, and other factors may be the cause behind a blue screen of death. You can try to correct certain problems on your own, but it may be an involved process better handled by a PC repair pro.

Excessive Noise

Loudly whirring fans, strange clicks, and grinding sounds signal your computer could be in need of help. In some cases, cleaning can help resolve the issue. However, if dirtiness isn’t the problem, the noise may continue until repairs take place.


Many of these computer problems have numerous possible causes all with very different and specific fixes. On the other side of the coin, a single problem can create myriad symptoms. The complex and intricate world of PC and laptop repair proves why a professional is often needed to identify and correct the problem.

Whether it’s one of the 10 aforementioned issues or something else, the free diagnostic services offered by DML Computer Repair can sniff it out.

Contact us or come into our Colorado Springs PC repair shop today to get your PC or laptop back to snuff.

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