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The city of Colorado Springs has an overabundance of “basement geeks”.  This simply means that a person learned how to fix computers by tinkering in their basement or private room.  I understand that this can be an offensive and derogatory term; however, my purpose is to educate, not insult.  Did I mention that I was once a basement geek?  As a matter of fact, I learned how to perform pc repairs on my own time, with tons of research and library videos.  Sorry folks, there was no YouTube in my day.  Although I may have learned many skills that were self-taught, most of my education in computers came from school.  Yes, I attended a college and a university, both of which taught me a large majority of my pc vocabulary.  Most importantly, it taught me how to run computer repair businesses and manage employees for computer and laptop repairs in Albuquerque. 


Why does it matter if basement geeks open pc repair shops near me? 

It matters because many basement geeks open pc shop repairs with very little knowledge on how to perform comp repairs.  As a result, basement geek can figure out a repair in a few hours, sometimes a few days.  By comparison, an educated and certified geek can figure out a repair in 1-6 hours every single time.  In addition, the accuracy of a basement geek is 50% for PC diagnostics, while a certified computer technician is accurate 98% of the time.  Have your eyes glazed over yet?  Here’s a graph that shows the differences between a basement geek and one certified in computer and laptop repairs.  As you can see, that there is no substitute for a good education and computer certification.  I’d also like to mention that basement geeks tend to learn pc repairs as needed.  This means that you are not just paying for the repair, but the new equipment needed to learn it.

Services Self-Taught Computer Techs Educated & Certified Computer Techs
Diagnostic time 1-48 hours 1-6 hours
Diagnostic Accuracy 51% 98%
Repair Time 48-240 hours 1-72 hours
Repair Quality (scale 0-10) 3 10

Probability that Issue will not be fixed

and client will need to return

50/100 1/100


What is the difference between computer and laptop repairs?

I am often asked if laptop repairs are more expensive than desktop PC repairs.  The answer is quite simple, you can’t learn how to fix a laptop in your basement unless you have tons of broken laptops.  Although desktop components are cheap and easily accessible, laptop components are not.  In other words, most basement geeks are very proficient with desktops and laptop repairs are seriously lacking.  I can always spot a basement geek company online because most of their bad reviews are about laptops, not desktops.  Compared to certified laptop technicians, basement geeks also tend to have less social skills.  Have you ever met a PC technician that didn’t appear to have any social skills?  By the time most educated geeks finish school and become certified, they tend to gain some major social skills.  Generally basement geeks, don’t leave their rooms to develop those important social skills.


How can I find reputable computer repair businesses?

As mentioned earlier, reputable computer repair businesses are hard to find, due to the large amount of basement geeks.  I would recommend weeding out your options with 3 hard rules.  First, do not consider companies that are less than 5 years old.  Newer companies tend to make all their mistakes within the first 5 years and are typically not certified.  Second, do not consider companies that can’t prove that they have at least one certified PC technician.  This is a huge tip, since most basement geeks have never seen any kind of computer certification test.  Third, and this one is really important, follow your instincts about a shop.  If you go to a PC shop and get a bad vibe from the pc technicians, you should not do business with them.  As human beings we can have fantastic instincts, follow them.


Is there a list to find the “best computer repair in Colorado Springs”? 

There are thousands of lists with the “best computer repairs” but be aware that these lists are not free.  As a reputable comp repair shop near me, DML is always offered a paid spot on these lists, which I politely decline.  I do not believe that the “best computer repairs” reputation should be purchased, it should be earned.


What should I do if I need help with computers?

If you need help with computers, you should visit various companies and get to know their practices.  Keep in mind that the companies with the best pc technicians will have the most to offer, but not over the phone.  This is why I recommend you visit computer repair businesses, rather than call them.  Doing business with a family of pc technicians?  Get to know the family.  Is your business run by a bunch of basement geeks?  Then, get to know the family of geeks.  DML Comp Repair is a professional, family-owned business, run by certified computer techs that are also related.  You will often see my oldest son and I training each other in the front area of DML.  He trains me on the newest game requirements and GPU performance, and I train him on basic repairs and data recovery.  We look forward to meeting you!


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