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Is there a strange noise coming form your computer? You should be concerned with strange computer noises! It is never a good sign when a computer makes a new “bad” sound.

The most concerning computer noises include:

  1. High pitched whine
  2. Clicking or popping sounds
  3. Beeping computer
  4. Laptop rattling
  5. Grinding Sound

Most computer noise can be traced to hardware malfunctions. A fan issue needing immediate attention, a mechanical hard drive, motherboard, power supply, or computer cooling system.  Although the sound may not interfere with the function of your computer, it will eventually cause damage. It is best to get computer noise issues looked at ASAP.  Additionally, you should turn off the computer and stop using it immediately. This scenario is like using your car when it begins making a strange noise, rather than taking it to a mechanic. The biggest mistake most people make is using a computer until it no longer functions.

Many sounds that come from computers can be repaired easily and inexpensively if the condition does not become worse.  Occasionally serious motherboard problems, custom build cooling units, and hard drives (that require a data recovery) can become expensive computer repairs.  In these cases, it may be more cost-effective to simply purchase a new (or refurbished) computer.  Visit the best computer service technicians in Colorado Springs today, for your free computer diagnostic.