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Why Can’t I Find a Computer Repair Business Near Me?

It’s a common misconception that if you type what you want into a search engine, then you’ll get the perfect results.  When in fact, searching on the internet is an art that needs to be mastered.  Our experts have compiled this list of 5 tips to become a pro at getting perfect search engine results.  These tips are sure to help you find the best comp repair nearby.



 Tip #1:  Avoid words with multiple meanings

If you were to type “computer troubleshooting near me” in a search engine, what results would you get?  Would this search lead to a list of great computer repair businesses?  Unfortunately, you would NOT get great results, because in the computer world “troubleshooting” can have various meanings.  You would get a combination of various pc shops and troubleshooting software.



Tip #2:  Avoid using too many words

It’s a common practice for Computer Techs to ask clients what they type into google to find our pc shop.  I was shocked when someone recently told me that they found us by searching for “the best computer technicians of 2022 in El Paso county that perform computer diagnostic and repair near me”.  Obviously, I wasn’t surprised when they mentioned that our shop was on page 5 of these search results.  If they had typed “Computer tune up near me” they may have gotten more accurate results.  Instead, they sifted through 5 pages of junk, before finding exactly what they were looking for.



Tip #3:  Avoid spelling mistakes

People who move frequently tend to get extremely tired of finding new places to shop.  Eventually, they start abbreviating everything or taking shortcuts in their searches.  For example, “Comp Repair Near Me” and “lap top screen repair”, have become common practice in some local regions.  Although search engines accept these mistakes or shortcuts, they may not produce the best results.  Furthermore, many search engines, such as Google, offer corrections by underlining the misspelled word(s).  When you type “Comp Repair Near Me” Google offers the correction “computer repair near me”.



Tip #4:  Avoid unnecessary words

It sounds silly if you say it aloud, but only type what you are looking for into a search.  Basically, you should avoid words that are not necessary to find the best PC places.  For example, “computer upgrade services near me” can be simplified to “computer services near me”.  It should go without saying that if a pc shop offers pc services, they can probably perform upgrades.




Tip #5:  Advanced users

This final tip is only for the most advanced users who have mastered basic searches.  Examples of basic searches would be “computer diagnostic” and “repair near me”.  An advanced user can narrow down companies to more specific services.  An example of an advanced search would be “computer tune up near me”.  In this search, we are looking for a pc shop nearby that performs a specific service.  If a shop has a software tune up listed on their website, they will likely be in the search results.  It’s worth mentioning, that understanding advanced searches can take years of practice, trial & error, and failures.







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