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Computers are a vital part of our daily routine but computer problems are the last thing that people want to deal with.   It makes sense that our most common question, in the Colorado Springs PC repair shops, is advice on diagnosing a computer at home.  You can perform a basic computer diagnostic at home, in these 4 steps, before taking your PC to a computer service shop nearby. 

Computer Power Sources

Always check your power source, bringing us to the famous phrase, “have you tried turning it on and off”?  Your PC problem can be as simple as a failing power strip or a bad laptop battery. In some laptops, a failed battery can prevent the PC from turning on (even when it’s plugged in).  While it might seem like common sense, make sure to plug your computer into a fully functioning outlet.  A common mistake, is believing that computer does not power on, but the power outlet is simply now working,

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PC Keyboard Settings

check your computer for problemsMany computer problems can be attributed to user error. If you have a laptop, it is very common to accidentally press a button that turns off key software functions.  Fortunately, this is one of the easier things to check on your computer. The icons on the keyboard buttons should give you some clue to what that key is used for, but don’t rule out pulling out the user’s manual for verification. 

Performance Monitor

If your computer will turn on, you can check for issues in a Performance Monitor program  or Activity Monitor (Mac). These programs are created to help you pinpoint potential issues, apps eating up your CPU usage, RAM availability and so much more.

To access the Performance Monitor on a Windows computer, use the search bar to find the Performance Monitor. On a Mac go to the Utilities category in your Applications folder, and double click on Activity Monitor.  If you have doubts about the data presented, consult a computer repair shop nearby.

Scan Computer For Viruses

If you have completed the above and all looks good, scan for viruses. As robust as antivirus software is, there is a possibility that a new virus has surfaced before your antivirus software has updated. Make sure that your antivirus is up-to-date, and scan for viruses. If any viruses are found, disconnect the device from the internet right away, and consult experts in virus removal at a local computer service store.  

The Take Away: Know When to Call for Help

Most people aren’t computer repair experts and that is why DML Computer Repair is here for you.  At DML Computer Repair in Colorado Springs, we know that computers make our lives easier when they run properly. It’s our job to make sure that your computer continues to run at its very best.  A smart computer owner can recognize when the problem is too complex to handle themselves and will call the experts.  When computer problems persist and there’s no obvious solution, give us a call for a free computer diagnostic.