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Do you want to have better Zoom meetings? There isn’t much you can do about the people who show up in those Hollywood Square-type boxes, but maybe there are some features you haven’t learned how to use or ways you can make Zoom work better on your PC or laptop.

Whether you’ve been using video conferencing applications for years or just had a trial by fire thanks to a global pandemic, everyone probably expects you to be an expert by now. Don’t worry if you’re not. Many people in Colorado Springs and across the country are still faking proficiency with some of these apps, but we can get you up to speed quickly.

Never heard of Zoom? Click for a definition of Zoom meetings (opens a new window).

Computer Tips for Better Zoom Meetings

Millions of people are now using Zoom on their computers to keep their businesses running and stay in touch with loved ones. But, what if you aren’t technically savvy or just don’t have time to explore this app in the middle of a session? Use these simple tips to unlock useful features and have better Zoom meetings.

1. Test Your Settings

It would be a bummer (and embarrassing) to log into a meeting where no one can hear you or vice versa. When you open Zoom, click on Settings. From there, go to the Audio section to test your Microphone and Speakers. You can do the same with your laptop or desktop through your Sound Settings.

2. Adjust Your Image

There are several ways you can change the way you look on Zoom. If you’ve just rolled out of bed or are drenched in sweat from the Colorado Springs heat after grabbing the mail and don’t want to be seen at all, you can turn off your camera (bottom left corner).

You can also go into your Zoom Settings and check the “Touch Up My Appearance” box, which will add a slight blur to your skin tones and smooth out blemishes and imperfections. Finally, you can add a stock or custom background to your virtual image, making it appear as if you’re in Space, underwater, or someplace else but your living room.

3. Optimize Your View

Sometimes the Zoom host will do something with the view that you may not enjoy. They might change the view from Grid to Speaker view. Or, they can share their screen and take over your entire computer screen instead of just a small corner.

You still have some control as an attendee, which will make for more enjoyable Zoom meetings. In the upper-right corner, you can change the type of view you see to Speaker or Gallery view. If Zoom is hogging up your screen, you can also click on the green button to minimize it.

4. Unmute Your Computer on the Fly

Good Zoom etiquette requires that participants mute themselves when not speaking. If you get called on to speak unexpectedly while surfing social media on the down low, you could fumble around for that “unmute” icon.

Alternatively, you can just hold down the spacebar to say your piece and then release it when you finish. If you want another unmute shortcut, hit “Alt-A” to toggle the mute function on and off.

5. Share Your Computer Screen

If you get put on the spot to share some materials with the group, Zoom makes this somewhat pain-free. Click the big green “Share” button at the boom of the Zoom app to share your screen. But, if you’re sharing a video, it probably won’t have sound unless you first check “Share computer sound” in the lower-left corner.

When the Issue Goes Beyond Zoom

Maybe you’ve followed all of these suggestions and haven’t seen much improvement with your online conference calls. Some other technical issues with your PC or laptop might be standing in the way of better Zoom meetings, beyond what you are capable of resolving. An experienced computer technician in Colorado Springs may be what you need.

DML Computer Repair is Colorado Spring’s choice for laptop and PC repair services. Contact us today for a free diagnostic and we’ll help you get to the bottom of your issue.

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