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What’s the buzz with Apple AirTags?

Apple AirTags are all the buzz in computer repair shops in Colorado Springs lately.  Why is everyone talking about this new trend all over town?  What are AirTags?  In 2021 Apple released their newest invention, tiny personal trackers.  In fact, the Apple tags are designed to aid people in tracking objects and instantly connect to their Apple devices.  Occasionally we lose our keys and can’t find them, right?  Not anymore!  Losing our items are a thing of the past!  Keeping track of items, is as simple as adding an Apple tag to your keys and “voila” no more lost keys!


What are the benefits of these new tags?

There are many benefits to using Apple AirTags.  First of all, the AirTag battery lasts for over a year before it dies.  Second, if someone else’s AirTag is traveling with you, your iPhone will notify you. This is important, because it keeps others from tracking you, without your knowledge.  Finally,, AirTags are water proof and can be personalized when you buy them.  In fact, you can add initials, an emoji, or both to your AirTags!  Apple offers this service, easy and free!


How much do Apple tags cost?

Surprisingly, Apple has released a very affordable product.  Even more importantly, you can buy these locally at Best Buy and Walmart stores for as little as $29.


Do they sell stylish AirTags?

Are you looking for an AirTag with style?  You should absolutely try the Hermes Apple AirTag collection, beautifully crafted leather tags and perfect for travel bags and events.

At last, I got my Apple device but now I need help…

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