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Going back 25 years or so, I can remember when I was a complete novice with computers.  Although I got my first degree at 17 years old and was very proficient with software, understanding hardware problems was a challenge for me.  I remember when laptops were barely a blip in the world, and it was impossible to find pc laptop repairs near me.  As a matter of fact, my very first laptop was an adorable Dell laptop with an installation of Windows 98.  I took that thing everywhere, which is probably why I started having problems with it.  Eventually, my poor little laptop was so slow that I could no longer work on it efficiently. 

Laptop diagnostic near me didn’t exist

Panicked by my laptop’s situation, I began looking for a laptop diagnostic near me.  In addition, I called several places that claimed to do it, but I had no luck.  I took it to the place where I purchased it, they told me it was “toast”.  In fact, I took it to Best Buy, and they said that I needed to replace it, since it was getting “old”.  I was completely discouraged by the lack of service for laptop repairs.  It almost seemed as if every store expected me to simply throw it away and not ask about fixing it. 

PC laptop repairs near me were rare

At this point, I thought that maybe I should call the manufacturer and request a computer repair, it might get fixed.  I called the manufacturer and requested a repair for my very slow laptop.  They wanted me to ship it and I might get it back in 4-16 weeks.  What!?  I had a job, and I was working on a second degree in college, I couldn’t wait that long.  Completely discouraged by the entire experience, I decided to take matters into my hands. 

I found that the best laptop repairs near me, was me!

I posted an ad in the local newspaper “looking for a broken Dell Laptop that functions”.  In addiiton, I figured, if I could get some laptops that were exactly like mine and open them up, I might be able to compare the two.  I also needed to make sure that it functioned, to look for similarities and differences while it was powered on.  Within a week, I had 5 laptops that were exactly like mine and I paid $0 for these used laptops.  Most of the owners were planning on throwing them away and didn’t feel right charging me for broken parts. 

The best laptop diagnostic near me

After taking a weekend to compare the units, I realized that all the ones with slowness issues were making a strange noise.  Furthermore, this noise was coming from a similar area on all the laptops.  When I opened them, and yes, I broke a few, I discovered that the hard drive was making this noise.  Thankfully one of the units had a hard drive that ran perfectly, which I installed on mine.  At that point, all I had to do was install the operating system and transfer my data.  All in all, that was one of my favorite learning experiences, and my primary motivation for creating DML.  Computer Repair should be available to everyone, at a reasonable price and completed within a reasonable amount of time.

A word about laptop maintenance near me

25 years ago, nobody knew that laptops required maintenance, since the tech was new.  Today, I am always surprised to find how little other comp repair shops know about the subject.  For example, I visited a local pc shop near me recently, looking for thermal compound, since my shop had recently run out.  Furhtermore, I was amazed to find that the main technician had no idea what the paste was used for.  I asked him why they kept it in stock if they didn’t use it and he said, “because clients will sometimes request it”.  After I explained what it was for, he asked me why we perform this service, if it seems to prolong the life of a computer.  Avoiding an argument, I left the store, completely disgusted that a business doesn’t perform maintenance to get more business.  In one word, it is appalling.

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