PC Temperature Monitoring

Why is PC temperature monitoring important?

Most people do not realize that computer temperature can fluctuate with the age, performance and general health of a computer.  Furthermore, it has long been a misconception that gaming laptops and gaming computers are the only PCs that need temperature monitoring.  Although gaming laptops are notorious for overheating issues, they are not the only computers that require temperature checks.  In addition, temperature monitoring doesn’t mean installing a special software.  In fact, if you touch the vents on your computer and they feel “warmer than usual” or “hot to the touch” then your computer is struggling. At this point, you need to take your computer to a shop that performs computer repair near me.  Subsequently, as a computer technician in Colorado Springs, I do not recommend using software to check the temperature of your computer.  As a matter of fact, if you need software to monitor your PC temperature, then you should speak to a specialist in computer repair in Colorado Springs.

When should you start monitoring your PC temperature?

Below is a chart that shows a list of computer descriptions and whether or not they need temperature monitoring.  In addition, there are several other factors that can require temperature monitoring, but those circumstances are much rarer.  If your computer meets one or more of the following criteria, then you may need temperature monitoring.

Computer DescriptionNeeds Temperature
Computer is a laptop that is less than a year oldNo
Computer is a desktop that is less than 5 years oldNo
Computer is used once a month for less than 4 yearsYes
Computer is used daily for at least 6 monthsYes
Computer is used for gaming daily for at least 3 monthsYes
Computer is used for rendering videos for at least 3 monthsYes
Computer is an Apple Desktop/Laptop less than 5 years oldNo

The downfall with PC temperature monitoring software?

PC temperature monitoring software is designed for short-term use.  As a matter of fact, this type of software is only designed to be on your computer for a few hours and then removed.  In addition, these software’s use valuable computer resources that can decrease the life of your computer. It’s also no surprise that they can cause your computer’s temperature to rise (2-5 degrees) especially with prolonged use.  All in all, it is best to use the “touch method” for PC temperature monitoring.  In other words, touch your computer, if it feels hot then you need to find a specialist for computer repair in Colorado Springs.

What should you do if you suspect that your PC temperature is too hot?

If you suspect that your computer is running very hot, then you need to find a specialist for computer repair in Colorado Springs.  Additionally, this means that your computer is in danger of cooking itself from the inside out.  For example, a computer that is constantly running hot, will begin heating up the most inner components in your computer.  Eventually your computer will become so hot that these “heated” computer components will begin to stop working one by one.

What is the best computer repair near me that offers PC temperature monitoring?

DML Computer Repair is the best computer repair in Colorado Springs.  Its no surprise that their knowledgeable computer technicians have decades of experience with PC temperature problems and solutions.  Call or text today for your free diagnostic and affordable computer repair.